Sunday, October 5, 2008

"GMC" Grace Marie Craig - The Sweetest Girl Alive

This is a picture of Grace at Sophie's Birthday party. She is always such a great help to her Mother & Her Dad. When I was there for the party she was so helpful with everything. She always pitches in, never complains and is such a joy to be around. She is also a great cook! She can cook almost anything. I love being with Grace, and I wish she live here in Utah! I can't wait to see her on Halloween! Love Grandpa Mikee....

Sophia's 5th Birthday Party

I recently got to spend a wonderful weekend with the Criag's in Las Vegas for Sophia's 5th Birthday. What a treat for me! I got to tell stories to Sophia every night, help out with the Birthday plans, and the party, and just watch Sophia be her cute little self. Almost always happy, singing, and smiling. Sometimes she is in her own world, which Grace calls her Shika Shika time. She plays and talks to her toys, and is oblivious to the rest of the world. She gives the best loves in the world, and has such a cute smile. I also got to spend some very special time with Grace & Cache. Courtney & Casey should be so proud of their children. They have done such a great job with them. They are truly happy, productive, and very smart children. I love them so much. Grandpa Mikee.....

The Next Roger Fedder

This is the future of Tennis, Cache M. Craig, pictured here returning a smoking shot to his opponnent. He love's tennis, and is good at everything he tries to do. I had a blast watching him play tennis and just hanging out with him while I was in Las Vegas recently for Sophia's 5th Birthday. Cache is just like one of my good friends, easy to talk to, fun, intelligent and a really good kid. Grandpa Mike....

Friday, September 19, 2008

True Love @ Multnomah Falls, Dave, Natalie, Zona, & Mike hiked to the top of the Water Fall, it was a cake walk for Dave, Nat, & Zona, but Mike was sweating like a Fat old pig. They also saw an Indian Princess jumb off the water fall just to save the life of her sick boyfriend. Wierd!

Blue Berry Heaven

Yummy! These are the best Blue Berries I have ever eaten in my life. We picked 28 lbs. with Natalie & Dave. They were so good, and Zona & I hauled about 5lbs home with us on the Air Plane. What a blast! Old picture, but fresh memory. MFK

This picture is of Natalie & Dave, they have joined a new Church, called "The First Church of the New Goonies." It was founded on Cannon Beach where part of the movie "Goonies" was shot. They are praying for their leader from outer space to take them to the "Black Hole" where they will be Adam & Eve on a new planet! Please pray for them to return to their sences. Dad....

Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 4th Celebration 2008

We had a fun weekend with Trevor, Erin, Kamyrn, & Kylee at Bear Lake. Eileen let us use her Worldmark Time Share at Harbor Village. What a fun time we had. Basically we did nothing buy lounge around, swim, eat, and go on walks. The weather was beautiful, and we had a blast. We saw Jackie & Jer Bear for a few minutes on Thursday night for dinner. We also got to see Aunt Lila & Uncle Dennis, Rober & Rachelle, & Kids.

Family Photos